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Marshal Law is a comic book character, a hero hunter living in an uchronic world, where superheroes has been created by genetic improvements.

For the time being, you can navigate though this blog from here, following the links bellow. No active links means the article has not yet been published (sorry, this blog is at a very early stage of development comparing to the finished French version listed in the links ).

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It has been announced that Kevin O'Neill will retire from comics as soon as he has finished Vol 4 of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Sad face :(

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The link for Fear and Loathing collected editions article, as well as Toxic! publication are now active below.

Stories in chronological order of publication

Fear and Loathing
Marshal Law Takes Manhattan
Kingdom of the Blind
The Hateful Dead
Rites of Passage
Super Babylon
Pinhead vs Marshal Law: Law in Hell
Secret Tribunal
The Savage Dragon/Marshal Law (aka Ten)
The Mask/Marshal Law
The Day of the Dead
Cloak of Evil

Collected editions and other publishing support

Fear and Loathing
Blood, Sweat, and Fears
Fear Asylum
Cool Beans World
Marshal Law: Origins
Marshal Law The Deluxe Edition

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Additional material (1987)
Additional material (1988)
Additional material (1989)
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